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Area name: Ardent Lands Min level: 200 Max level: 205
Align: Evil        
Gatemob: None    
Speedwalk: 10e2l1s1l1s1l1e1l1s2l1e1l1e1o1e1o1e1o3e
Last Modified: Thu Jun 22 22:39:54 2006
Description: A long narrow road extends north with flames dancing between the many cracks on the road. Those who dare to walk on the road soon realise that hot streams of steam shoot quickly into the air as their foot moves about the room, even for those who are careful to levitate. The air is humid and the boiling temperature tends to sear the flesh of most beings. This is the perfect environment for demonic creatures such as the Fire-Devil or any of the hellish fire-kins. Such a place is sure to have many of them, in fact... Especially of the unfriendly and dark kinds. Those who are out to reclaim the world of the Light for the Eternal Darkness.
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