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Area name: Sea Caves Min level: 100 Max level: 149
Align: Mixed        
Gatemob: rock hopper, land shark, umber hulk    
Speedwalk: 10e2l1s1l1s1l1e1l1s2l1e1l1e1o1e1o1e1o2e1s1d2n4e;enter portal;5s9e1s1e1n1e1s1d1n2e1n2s2e4s4e1n1e;open north;1n
Last Modified: Thu Jun 22 23:16:36 2006
Description: After entering this cave you notice something rather odd... The cave before you is free of water, the ground dry... as if you were not under thousands of feet of water. Perhaps you should have heeded the warning sign at the cave entrance. The cave widens and continues on to the north.
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