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Area name: Draergen Territory Min level: 30 Max level: 49
Align: Mixed        
Gatemob: tornclaw oracle    
Speedwalk: 13w2s1w1s1e2s1e
Last Modified: Sun Jun 4 16:59:46 2006
Description: The Draerlands, a land comprised of the obscure magics of the Realm, rests within its own sphere of existence, away from the commotion of the outer lands. The territory itself is home to denizens of another plane of existence, the truly divine race of people that have descended from the Court of Immortality to rest upon the Material Plane. Very few take on the forms of those already recognized by the Gods, shifting into gnarled dragons and other mystical beings. The lands continue on to the north, deeper into the heart of the territory.
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