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Area name: Cliffs of Obsidian Min level: 70 Max level: 99
Align: Mixed        
Gatemob: obsidian pixie archer, gnoll obsidian    
Speedwalk: 11n6e2s1e;open east;16e6n2w2n3e1s2e2s1w2s3e1n1e1i1w1o1l1n1o1i;open down;1d5i1n;enter gargoyle;1n;5i;4n;open up;1u2w1i1n1o
Last Modified: Sun Jun 4 16:46:40 2006
Description: A narrow pathway heads south deeper into the jungle undergrowth. The pathway also continues north cutting through the jungle and leading to a trail which leads deeper into the Obsidian Cliffs. Not far to the north one can see the obsidian mountain dominating the skyline to the north. The jungle, which expands all directions to the south, is filled with ancient beasts living on the edge of extinction. The jungles of Raptiris Noshrue lie to the south.
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