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Area name: Fields of Bluefire Min level: 70 Max level: 99
Align: Mixed        
Gatemob: syrius, raelys'ton    
Speedwalk: 11n6e2s1e;open east;14e
Last Modified: Mon Jun 5 00:23:45 2006

The fields of Bluefire are located to the east of Edge City, and are reachable by taking the northeast route through the Knights Passage, which is guarded by the Xylinshaen Order. The fields are a war-torn land with the forces of powerful lich, Lord Raelys, besieging the grounds from the south with forces including archers, pikesmen, swordsmen, and lancers. The mercenary forces of Syrius, a powerful warlord from a foreign land, also lay siege to the temple and library grounds from the north, coming down through the Raptiris Noshrue jungle with forces including archers, hoplites, centurions, and swordsmen. A second path cut from the north leads to the ancient Crystal Citadel and the crystal passage leads westwards to the open fields of the Centauri Plains. Those in charge of defending the grounds are the Temple Knights, warriors of the Bluefire Cult who patrol all the grounds and keep the two forces at bay.

Equipment in the fields consists mostly of bows, arrows, and magical items including mystical water stones which are said to possess ancient magic, and the Tome of Haste. Most of the equipment is meant for sub-hero's who are close to attaining Hero status. Hunters will find the Fields of Bluefire quite useful as it contains a multitude of arrows and a small variety of bows. Rumors of staves that can cause powerful earthquakes are said to be held by the priestesses within the Temple of Bluefire, the chief testament to the Shadow Goddess. The Library of the Blu also contains the Adept of Lynk along with scores of ancient texts and tomes of great power, envied by all within the realm.

The grounds of the temple as well as the fields were cleared out from a coniferous forest typical of taigas and older woodland climates. The land has a rich history, whose roots stem from the Goddess Loviatar and her most powerful former Chosen One. Graven images of felpurs and succubae adorn the grounds and the tenants of the Bluefire Cult are similar to those held by the Loviatarans.

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