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Area name: Noshrue Passage Min level: 30 Max level: 49
Align: Unknown        
Gatemob: arthur, frederick, peter, alexander    
Speedwalk: 11n6e2s1e;open east;16e6n2w2n3e1s2e2s1w2s3e1n1e1i1w1o1l1n1o1i;open down;1d5i1n;enter gargoyle;1n;5i4n;open up;1u
Last Modified: Mon Jun 5 07:35:51 2006
Description: This is the center of the stone platform, where an intricate image has been carved into the stone itself. The stone seem to be able to move, as it is a circular design with several circles, forming sort of a giant target. Though from an aerial view the platform appears to be a circular sun-like image. Perhaps a representation of an ancient sun god, or a powerful magic seal which leads into the unknown. It's rather strange that an open platform would be located here, in the middle of the jungle. Clearly, there is a second purpose to it, rather than just being an ornamental design. Perhaps this is a sacrifical platform, where the tribes of the jungle would come to perform their sacred rituals, that would explain the hint of blood stains which are visible, to the trained eye, throughout the platform.
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