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Area name: Edge City Apartments Min level: 1 Max level: 1026
Align: Unknown        
Gatemob: manager elris    
Speedwalk: 5e3s1l
Last Modified: Mon Jun 5 06:09:43 2006
Description: This is the entrance to a massive apartment building, located in the southeast quadrant of Edge City. The entrance to the apartment building has been converted into a small pub, where residents may come and relax. Guests and other people usually enter the pub and come to play a game of chess against one of their friends or for a cup of java. Some of the food served in the pub have been imported, through the services of Marco Polo, from the orient and the Far East. To the southeast, through a short hallway, the central lobby of the building is located. Edge City Apartments are the massive buildings which lies southeast of Edge City. This is where upperclass citizens of Edge City reside if they do not wish to have a vast estate somewhere far from the city. There are two buildings, the northern Trystero wing and the western Archanos wing.
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