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Area name: Graghtok's Lair Min level: 70 Max level: 99
Align: Evil        
Gatemob: running monk    
Speedwalk: 13w1d1s1w1n1d1e;open east;1e;open south;1s;open east;1e
Last Modified: Mon Jun 5 00:26:39 2006
Description: Before you is a large cast iron gate, and beyond lies a dimly lit hallway leading into the lair of Graghtok. The wind seems to whistle out a warning to you to not proceed any further. A wretched smell of decaying flesh fills your nostrils. As you think of what lies inside this unholy place you hear a shriek of a hideous nature from behind. Looking back you see only the trail from which you have travelled. Then the shriek is heard again, this time from inside the lair, followed by a death cry. There are words engraved on a metal plate on the gate.
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