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Area name: Crewyne, City of Autumn Min level: 1 Max level: 1026
Align: Mixed        
Gatemob: citizen crewynian, child crewynian, dog hungry    
Speedwalk: 15w4n2u or Magical Mirror from Hezekiah
Last Modified: Mon Jun 5 05:46:32 2006
Description: You are standing outside of the two oak towers and massive eastern gates of Crewyne. The banks of a dried river can be seen from here, snaking through the rolling plains that expand in all directions. A faint gust of wind carries the crumbling golden and crimson leaves of the city to this place, where they meet their final resting place nestled into the earth. A few guards can be seen upon the oaken towers, peering down at you and across the horizon.
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