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Area name: Nyalaiens Min level: 100 Max level: 149
Align: Mixed        
Gatemob: guard dabih, nyalisian citizen    
Speedwalk: 9w2s2w1s
Last Modified: Mon Jun 5 00:52:36 2006
Description: The forest melts away into a large field blanketed by a shroud of darkness. Magical forces are at heavy play here, obscuring the rays of sunlight with its dominant shadows. The grass beneath you seems to reflect the night, as it shimmers with gray and blue hues. A strange dust filters down from above, where a great ebony shield can be seen, suspended in the sky by the will of the gods. A great chain of silver can be seen to the south, falling from the center of the sphere above and onto the earth. The forests of the western realm lie to the north, offering an escape from this darkened place.
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