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Area name: Oceanus Min level: 70 Max level: 149
Align: Neutral        
Gatemob: shark, angel fish, seahorse, dolphin    
Speedwalk: 10e2l1s1l1s1l1e1l1s2l1e1l1e1o1e1o1e1o2e1s1d1n3w1d
Last Modified: Thu Jun 22 23:13:27 2006
Description: With a splash you dive beneath the surface of the ocean, finding a whole new world to explore. Living corals, vibrantly colored fish and other life thrive here in the salty depths. All appears peaceful here, but years of travel have taught you to expect the unexpected and always be wary. There are rumors of a lost world hidden beneath a deep sea, but these rumors have always been scoffed at.
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