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Area name: Crystal Mountain Min level: 70 Max level: 99
Align: Mixed        
Gatemob: crystal bat, crystal sphere    
Speedwalk: 11n6e2s1e;open east;16e6n2w2n3e1s2e2s1w2s3e1n1e1i1w1o1l1n1o1i;open down;1d5i1n;enter gargoyle;1n;5i4n;open up;1u2e1o1n1i
Last Modified: Sun Jun 4 16:55:33 2006
Description: A small pathway leads southwest deeper into the undergrowth. The pathway continues north cutting through the undergrowth and leading to a trail which heads up to the end of Crystal Mountain. Not far to the north one can see a mountain towering high into the sky. If one were to peer closely at the mountain one can see that the mountain glimmers and shimmers in a multitude of colors. A cool soft breeze blows southwards from the north.
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