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Area name: Sphinxian Plateau Min level: 200 Max level: 205
Align: Good        
Gatemob: bir'wyndri sphinx    
Speedwalk: 12n
Last Modified: Mon Jun 5 06:27:41 2006
Description: This large plateau stands alone along the northern ranges of the plains, isolated from any other mountain for miles around. Tough shrubs and ferns grow out of cracks between large boulders, spilling out onto any pathways that may cross here. There seems to be a passage upward along the nearly vertical face of the plateau, carved by the many travelers that wander the land. The rolling plains can be seen to the south, blanketing the earth in a sea of green, and a great mine shaft has been carved into the earth, covered by a small bed of flowers. To the north ancient doors have been sealed closing off a once prolithic mine.
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