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Area name: Tyrihan Catacombs Min level: 15 Max level: 29
Align: Mixed        
Gatemob: guardian man, rat ratling    
Speedwalk: 11s1d
Last Modified: Sat Jan 13 22:56:35 2007
Description: The tomb, strangely enough, isn't filled with any bodies. Instead, the tomb opens up into a great cavern of tunnels, the fabled Court of Miracles where the gypsies are able to practice their ways without retribution. The dank smell of the underground rises up into the air, carried by a strong breeze that blows through the tunnels. An occasional rat can be heard sniffing in the shadows, and the darkness that permeates this place almost consumes your light. The stairway winds further down into the earth, and an exit lies above, onto the surface.
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