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Area name: The Rain Forest Min level: 150 Max level: 199
Align: Mixed        
Gatemob: giant piranha, giant crocodile, cottonmouth    
Speedwalk: 10e2l1s1l1s1l1e1l1s2l1e1l1e1o1e1o1e1o2e1o1w5n1w1n
Last Modified: Thu Jun 22 23:20:21 2006
Description: You are stunned as you look at the wonders before you. Lush, green vegetation towers high above you. You hear the screeches, and other noises of the forest. This trail is said to lead to the Amazon River, but who knows where it really leads. The trail appears to be unmarked, and you realize quick that you must pay attention, or you will get lost. The trail is muddy, and the trees are dripping with water. The fresh smell of summer rain draws you closer. North takes you into the Rain Forest.
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