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Area name: Desert Ti-Rynev Min level: 30 Max level: 49
Align: Evil        
Gatemob: desertman    
Speedwalk: 13w1d
Last Modified: Sun Jun 4 16:58:40 2006
Description: The Knight's Passage melds with this similar road. The same cobblestone lines the path, but many scorching sands begin to creep in, attempting to engulf the trail in the desert. Very few living things can be seen wandering this passage, as the heat is almost unbearable to even the demons of the most powerful tier in the underworld. The heat seems to make everything wavy and distorted, and the air is extremely dry from the sun that beats down upon the sands every day. The passage continues to the east, as the desert sands are too hot to the north and west, and the safety of the Knight's Passage lies to the south.
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