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Area name: The Sleeping Masoleum Min level: 200 Max level: 205
Align: Evil        
Gatemob: rotting adventurer death    
Speedwalk: 10e2l1s1l1s1l1e1l1s2l1e1l1e1o1e1o1e1o2e3n3w4n1d
Last Modified: Thu Jun 22 23:23:11 2006
Description: Before you stands a large stone wall with tall, black iron gates that have begun to rust with age. Out from within the stones grows black, weed-like roses whom harness large brown thorns that seemingly stab outward from within. It is nearly impossible to see through the large iron gate, for it is covered with dead foliage of all sorts. A pathway made of eroded, squared cobblestones makes its way towards the gates and seems to slip right under it. The gates seem as if they they would be easily pushed open. What lies beyond is what the intruder makes of it. The pathway treads northward.
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