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Area name: Tree-Top Village Min level: 100 Max level: 149
Align: Mixed        
Gatemob: kitten citizen felpur, felpur sentry    
Speedwalk: 13w2s1w1s1w1s2w1s1e1u
Last Modified: Mon Jun 5 07:01:16 2006
Description: A certain magic is brought into the boughs of a massive oak tree. Standing on a long flat branch that flows into the shadows of a village ahead, you see furred shadows race through the branches, peering out with gold and jade eyes. Many wood and rope bridges are strung throughout the trees, linking homes, shops, and other assorted buildings. An unknown, whispery language floats near, accented with growls and short hisses. Roars and mewls split the air. The long branch leads to the north, and into the tree-top village of the felpur.
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