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Immortals of Clandestine

The Immortals of Clandestine play a very important role in the balance of the mud as well as the overall maintenance of the MUD. These are the people who code, build areas, make help files, and do the necessary behind the scenes stuff to keep the mud working well. Immortal advancement on Clandestine is solely based on the amount of work one puts into making the MUD a better place. Areas, Help files, Quests, and Code are good examples of adding something to help the MUD become a better place. If you are interested in becoming an immortal at Clandestine, you must achieve level 150 Legend status, then you may turn in work toward becoming Immortal. Once you achieve the level of Master, level 200, your work will be credited to you, and may give you enough to be advance to Immortal status directly after becoming Master. There are many options at Clandestine for everyone. The Immortals of Clandestine try to be helpful and constantly add to the MUD. If you have any questions about being an Immortal, pray for an Immortal to speak with. This page is dedicated to the people who have put the time and effort into Clandestine to become Masters and Immortals of the Realm.

There are 17 Immortals and 1 Arbiters on Clandestine
This section was last updated Mon Mar 1 15:20:24 2010

Level Name Job Rank
1030 Sassy Administration Ancient
1030 Sebek Owner Ancient
1029 Azuel Coder Eternal
1029 Carita Administration, Events Eternal
1029 Lynk Server Host Eternal
1028 Orphean Coder, Admistration Implementor
1027 Xi-Archanos Head Builder, Mobprogs, Coder Implementor
1025 Gunther Area Builder Infinite
1025 Sabatus Coder Infinite
1024 Leio Head Coder, Webmaster Infinite
1016 Karu   Spirit
1012 Toags   Archangel
1010 Tuvi   Angel
1009 Tophyer   Angel
1008 Vartan   Immortal
1007 Christa   Immortal
1007 Haley   Immortal
1006 Typhon   Arbiter
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