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Religion: Astinus

Name:Astinus Chosen One:Sett
Ethos/Alignment:True NeutralArchon:(None)
Short Description:Neutral/SnowOwlCommander:(None)
       _|_|                _|      _|                                
     _|    _|    _|_|_|  _|_|_|_|      _|_|_|    _|    _|    _|_|_|  
     _|_|_|_|  _|_|        _|      _|  _|    _|  _|    _|  _|_|      
     _|    _|      _|_|    _|      _|  _|    _|  _|    _|      _|_|  
     _|    _|  _|_|_|        _|_|  _|  _|    _|    _|_|_|  _|_|_|    

As you wonder up ahead in the dark, swampy forest your senses tell you
something is near you. You hear a noise and are startled as you look 
in the direction of the noise you see a faint figure that seems to be
coming, no flying, straight at you. Scared and alone you shiver only
to find that a white snow-covered owl is on your arm with its beautiful
wings spread at full length. Before you can react to the situation, 
to your astonishment the owl says, "Hello, my friend." You, with your 
tongue tied in the oddness of what has happened say, "Heel..Heelll..Hel.. 
Hello." The Owl whispers words unfamiliar to your native tongue as you then 
see an exhilarating, bright light. Where the light once was a figure, a 
figure of an old rugged looking man appears where the light once was. As 
soon as this happens you feel a nice, warm sense of belonging as if you 
have know this man all your life. While you study the man you see that his 
eyes are pure white and that he appears blind. You study the man and
notice that an owl is perched upon his right shoulder. The old man offers his
hand out to you and says, "I am Astinus, Keeper of Time, I have been expecting 
you for sometime now." He smiles as you shake his hand, a warm glow 
passes through your body. As you are introducing yourself he cuts 
you off, amazingly He knows your name already. Astinus says to you,
"So you have chosen the path of the great religion Astinus. Before you
join you should know of my past.........

I am Son of Mystara and Kir-Jolith, also known as the keeper of time. 
I know everything before it actually happens; for instance, you will 
be one of my many followers. I try to maintain a  balance to every 
situation and I believe that all things have their time and we accept
things the way they happen only intervening if that fate has been 
tampered with. My power is one of the greatest, for I write history 
as it happens and know all that goes on anywhere and anytime. You and
other followers will be expected to remain neutral in all ways.  You 
should spread the word of our religion and help others understand the
nature of true neutrality. Followers are always rewarded for good 
decisions that they may make in the constant struggle for balance.
Though not willing to join others they remain in solitude, but we join
our fellow brethren at times when the balance is shifted.   Oh yeah one 
more thing, you need to know the rules of Astinus.

1.) The CO or Chosen One's decisions are from Astinus to the CO to the 
    rest and will be followed.

2.) Rudeness WILL NOT be tolerated, remember you can be replaced as 
    fast as you joined.

3.) All members are to obey their higher ranks while still being nice 
    to those under you. (see help rank)

4.) PKing is NOT allowed among members!!! Proper authorities will deal
    with you. We do not look for fights but if needed to balance things 
    out we will do what is necessary.

5.) We are a peaceful religion and will only go to war until the 
    neutrality is gained. When and ONLY that is obtained we will

6.) Two members controlled by the same player to obtain more ranks 
    within Astinus will be banished and shunned upon. DON'T EVEN THINK OF 

7.) A sense of humor is something we look for in recruits, we are a 
    laid back religion. But when the time comes, even the most laid back
    has to be serious.

8.) The symbol of Astinus is the great Snow Owl and should be 
    respected eminently.

As you glance away and turn back to the man you see nothing. The white 
light slowly fades and that glow slowly leaves your body. You hear a 
faint voice say, "I am waiting for you, come, join me. Keep that glow 
and join the Great Astinus in his battle for neutrality.
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