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Religion: Loviatar

Name:Loviatar Chosen One:Rincewind
Ethos/Alignment:Chaotic NeutralArchon:Darkenrahl
Short Description:WhimsicalCommander:Henry
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      88      .8P  Y8. 88    88   `88'   d8' `8b `--88--' d8' `8b 88  `8D 
      88      88    88 Y8    8P    88    88ooo88    88    88ooo88 88oobY' 
      88      88    88 `8b  d8'    88    88===88    88    88===88 88`8b   
      88booo. `8b  d8'  `8bd8'    .88.   88   88    88    88   88 88 `88. 
      Y88888P  `Y88P'     YP    Y888888P YP   YP    YP    YP   YP 88   YD

     Loviatar, Goddess of the Shadows, Silence, and Chaos, is the daughter
of Mystara and Kir'Jolith.  While many think She is the embodiment of evil, She
is in fact of a more neutral standpoint.  Amongst Her ideals, devotion from Her
followers is one of those she holds highest.  Manipulation, for personal gain, is
another she also covets.  While She may be the Goddess of Chaos, nothing is done
without purpose.  Even in murder, the event is usually planned, and well thought
out, so that none may remain to point a finger.  As this scroll once said, it is
not the number of victories, but the manner in which the victories were made, that
gains Her favor.
     For centuries, many have mistaken Her actions, or the actions of Her
followers, to be evil.  Such is not true.  In manipulation, the recipient is almost
always heard to claim that those who used him or her, were in fact evil.  Those
who say that the Great Goddess is evil, because of their own death, is usually one
who has died by the blades of Her followers.
     Should you wish to become embraced by the shadowy grasp of the Goddess
Loviatar, pen a scroll, and leave it at the temple doorsteps, where one of Her priests
will find it, and if they feel that you are worthy, you shall be contacted.
     "Present are we always, yet never seen, and never heard, for that is Her way."
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