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Religion: Morrigu

Name:Morrigu Chosen One:Aarseth
Ethos/Alignment:Intrinsic EvilArchon:Fejj
Short Description:Majestic OblivionCommander:Aarseth
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          /^^       /^^ /^^  /^^  /^^    /^^   /^^ /^^  /^^/^^  /^^
          /^^       /^^   /^^    /^^^   /^^^   /^^     /^^   /^^/^^

   Shadows of secrecy always surround those who follow the goddess Morrigu;
and what is know by common tongue merely is a collection of myths and 
murmurings. Those who seek entrance into her folds enter with only the faith
of such common lore. 

   The Goddess Morrigu is a three-fold goddess, each form representing an 
aspect of her dark trinity. Death, War and Pestilence.  Followers worship each
of her forms, although they follow one path represented by an individual form.
The details of these paths are shrouded in secrecy from non-members.

The Child. 
   The Child represents the innocence of death. An aspect we all must
sooner or later face; As Mystara's frailty during the god wars illustrates,
even immortals can perish.

The Goddess
   The Goddess represents War in all of its dark glory. Seen adorned in
full battle armor, she is seen during the battle admits the chaos; and after,
taking things of value from the slain. Her hand has swayed the outcomes of 
many a great battle, her motives known only to those who diligently serve her.

The Shadow Phoenix
   Morrigu's last form represents Pestilence; often she is represented by a
phoenix of shadows, rising from the decay of the battlefields. It is this form
that is the silent death. It is the plagues and famines that follow after the
bloodshed. The quiet companion of war spares only a few.

   Unlike the other predominate gods in the realms of Clandestine, Morrigu's
power is routed in a symbiotic fashion. That is, she is with her followers at
all times, her spirit intertwined with the member's soul. Those who are drawn 
to Morrigu often feel the tugging at their soul; The goddess choosing the next
to serve her.

   Those who seek entrance into her folds should seek scribe a scroll, and
our priest will contact you with guidance. If you are chosen to be allowed to
seek our goddess, the road has just begun.
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