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Religion: Mystara

Name:Mystara Chosen One:Valiant
Ethos/Alignment:Lawful GoodArchon:Daritha
Short Description:Helping/FriendlyCommander:(None)

  ooo        ooooo                          .                                
  `88.       .888'                        .o8                                
   888b     d'888  oooo    ooo  .oooo.o .o888oo  .oooo.   oooo d8b  .oooo.   
   8 Y88. .P  888   `88.  .8'  d88(  "8   888   `P  )88b  `888""8P `P  )88b  
   8  `888'   888    `88..8'   `"Y88b.    888    .oP"888   888      .oP"888  
   8    Y     888     `888'    o.  )88b   888 . d8(  888   888     d8(  888  
  o8o        o888o     .8'     8""888P'   "888" `Y888""8o d888b    `Y888""8o 
     Long ago, before the time of mortals, there was only energy.
  Deep into the universe, two suns collided, giving solid form to a 
  new being and new forms of life.  One such form was a beautiful
  woman, gifted with the powers of magic.  Secluded into her own 
  corner of space, she grew lonely.  Summoning the power of her 
  magic, she created a new world and filled it with life, and so became
  the birth of mortals.  For many years the world prospered under her 
  watchful eye.  She would appear before the mortals on occasion
  bringing with her gifts and a renewed feeling of love for life and all
  other beings.  As with all minds, they all could not be controlled and
  some mortals became tainted.  Thus the power of her creation went 
     Followers of Mystara are truly Lawful Good, loving all others of
  good and always willing to help dark and tainted minds. Their happiness
  and cheerfulness is so great they always boast of their goddess. The
  Mystaran religion believes that you can not have order without
  "Laws Rules". Followers are always watched and monitored to see if
  their heart and actions are truly in the helping of others and the ways
  of serving Mystara. Mystarans are always encouraged to seek out the
  truth and justice of any situation.
     "Laws Rules"

     - Mystarans are encouraged to help those new to our world lest they
       fall prey to those of evil intentions.

     - Mystarans are a peaceful religion, they view PKing as a means
       of last resort. Members do not go out looking for a fight, but in
       the same token they will not back down from one if the reasons are

     - All members will uphold the laws of the Land of Clandestine. This
       includes showing Honor to all IMPs.

     - Show respect to all Mystaran officers. i.e. Chosen One, Archon, Bishop,

     - Above all do NOT dishonor Mystara or her CO.

     Mystara is truly a great goddess and rewards her followers for reminding
  others of the greatness of her beliefs and way of life.
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