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Religion: Takhisis

Name:Takhisis Chosen One:Vello
Ethos/Alignment:Chaotic GoodArchon:Draon
Short Description:HavocCommander:Woofer

        ______          __      __
       /\__  _\        /\ \    /\ \      __          __           
       \/_/\ \/    __  \ \ \/'\\ \ \___ /\_\    ____/\_\    ____  
          \ \ \  /'__`\ \ \ , < \ \  _ `\/\ \  /',__\/\ \  /',__\ 
           \ \ \/\ \_\.\_\ \ \\`\\ \ \ \ \ \ \/\__, `\ \ \/\__, `\
            \ \_\ \__/.\_\\ \_\ \_\ \_\ \_\ \_\/\____/\ \_\/\____/
             \/_/\/__/\/_/ \/_/\/_/\/_/\/_/\/_/\/___/  \/_/\/___/


Spawned from the grey mists of chaos the dragon goddess Takhisis came upon
the astral plane and wreaked havoc with the gods.  Her wrath fell first
upon Mystara and she fell ill with a magical plague.  The wars raged on
and finally Takhisis stood upon the throne of eternity.  As she looked
down though she saw the sick and ailing body of Mystara, in a moment that
could only be described as miraculous, Takhisis' heart was touched with a
golden light.  As the light came upon her she restored Mystara and
recanted her claim to the throne.  In the ensuing years, Takhisis became
one with the chaos but always remembered the goodness she felt.  Even now
she strives to do right but in her own mischievous ways, often the gods
have grown annoyed with her but always they remember the power she once
threw upon their throne.

Followers of Takhisis are good at heart but they are creatures of impulse
and are often guided by their hearts and not their heads.  If evil causes
an affrontage to them or those they care about, they will lash out at the
evil without thought of repercussions.  But just as they lash out they will
also side with evil if they feel it serves a greater good.  There are
other times when they will turn in an instant and gamble away all they
have earned and fought for on what seems a whim.  Many view this as
madness or at least idiotic on their part, but it is just another aspect
that makes a follower of Takhisis unique.

Clerics, Thieves, Rogues, and Ninjas all call our temple home and its
doors are open to all regardless of race or class.  A follower of Takhisis
must only show that they wish good upon the land and that they are willing
to do anything necessary to complete that task.  The light of Takhisis
flows upon all of the land's creatures and any and all may become one of
her chosen followers.

The path of Takhisis is a chaotic one to tread and to ensure that a person
is ready for such a life there are a few anointed tasks one must
complete to become a member.  These tasks are often left up to the priests 
of the religion and you should contact one of them to begin the path.  Sebek 
is the chosen one but his duties in the immortal realm often pry him from 
his worldly duties so contact a lower member as all Takhisis may commune 
with him whereas normal mortals sometimes cannot.  Along with the tasks 
assigned to you, you must also display special traits that will serve Takhisis 
well these are:

I. Courage- There will be many battles in the years to come and we must
know that when they occur a person will fight alongside us.  The warrior must
be unwavering and forever resilient to the forces of evil.

II. Zeal- A follower of Takhisis is intelligent and knowledgeable but 
they also must remember that where the mind may go astray, the heart is 
always true to what they believe.  They must have the zeal in their heart 
to guide them where their minds may fail.

III. Brotherhood- Whereas a level one may take a dagger for a level
two-hundred so may a level two-hundred take one for a level one.  Every
member of Takhisis would gladly sacrifice their life for a fellow member
and that must always be remembered.

IV. Instincts- There are many times where the senses will lie and evil 
will mask its presence it is these times that the final trait comes into 
play.  A person must know at all times that should their perceptions of 
reality be altered that their instincts are finely honed and can lead them 
to safety.

Takhisis does not place many boundaries on what her members may do but
there are some that they must follow and they are:

1.  No member will EVER slay a being of good unless they have first harmed
them or our goddess in some way.

2. An alignment of at least +1 to assure that her followers are of good
intent at all times.

3. Follow all orders from Sebek and question them only at an appropriate
time and place.

4. Respect ALL members of Takhisis at ALL times.  Never slander them in
public or leave them alone on the field of battle.

5. While evil is a scourge upon the land they also serve their purposes
they may join with you but only if it serves a greater good in the long
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