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Religions of Clandestine

In the realm of Clandestine there are 9 religions, each with a different alignment and ethos. When the time comes for you to choose one for yourself, this chart should make things easier. Each religion has their own set of spells at their disposal.

Each religion has a motive, a wish and a future. Each fights battles, some for pride and others for preservation. When you become part of the religion the religion becomes part of you. Every action you make reflects on your religion and you must uphold the standards set before you.

Religion Ethos/Alignment Short Description Chosen One Currently allied with
AsmodeusLawful EvilDreadValin 
AstinusTrue NeutralNeutral/SnowOwlSett 
Kir'JolithNeutral GoodWatchfulAesonMystara
LoviatarChaotic NeutralWhimsicalRincewind 
MorriguIntrinsic EvilMajestic OblivionAarseth 
Myr'KhulChaotic EvilUtter DeathIgnatius 
MystaraLawful GoodHelping/FriendlyValiantNuitari, Kir'Jolith
NuitariLawful NeutralEnlighteningAngieMystara
TakhisisChaotic GoodHavocVello 

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